Concord West Rhodes Preschool Children's drawings of themselves

Concord West Rhodes Preschool

We are a community based, non-profit preschool that thrives on parental involvement in management and daily activities.

We offer a program that develops multiple intelligences and includes 40 different activity choices for the children every day. The daily programme includes a story time, writing their own story and have a separate music time. There is one excursion and one visitor to the preschool each term.

This service is rated by the Department of Education and Communities overall at: EXCEEDING NATIONAL QUALITY STANDARD (E)


City of Canada Bay Council We thank City of Canada Bay Council for the 2014 Community Grant which will be used to upgrade our playground and softfall.

Clubs NSW We thank Concord RSL Club for the 2014 Clubs Grant which will be used towards an additional needs support educator.
Yates Junior Landcare We would like to thank the Yates Junior Landcare Creative Gardening Grants Program for the 2014 Grant which will be use for our "Organic Veggie Patch".